Welcome to SimpleAdmin.

A Codeigniter 4 Admin boilerplate

Fast track your next project's development. SimpleAdmin takes away the tedius work of integrating an auth system with an Admin template and turbo boosts your projects.

Built on the backbone of SimpleAuth

SimpleAuth is at the heart of SimpleAdmin. A simple, lightweight yet powerfull auth system designed specifically for Codeigniter 4, and fully integrated with SimpleAdmin

Beautiful modern design with Halfmoon css framework

SimpleAdmin took the descision to move away from bootstrap and instead is built using the stunning Halfmoon css framework. Halfmoon is a clean, snappy and responsive framework with a built in light / dark mode. See the moon icon in the top right corner? Go give that click.

Login Admin

Email : admin@admin.com

Password : 12345678

Login Super Admin

Email : superadmin@admin.com

Password : 12345678